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  • Take ThatBack For Good04:04

  • Take ThatBack For Good (Live)04:11

  • Boyce AvenueBack For Good (Take That Acoustic Cover)03:57

  • Take That & Singing Melody Back For Good (Reggaecide RMX)03:46

  • The ConcretesBack For Good (cover Take That)04:04

  • Take ThatBack For Good01:47

  • Take ThatBack For Good (minus Without Backing Vocals)03:56

  • Take ThatBack For Good03:58

  • Take ThatBack For Good06:34

  • Take ThatBack For Good (Instrumental 2)04:04

  • AC/DC Vs. Take ThatBack In Black For Good03:38

  • Take ThatBack For Good (Piano Instrumental Cover)03:52

  • Take That (Boyce Avenue Cover)Back For Good03:57

  • Martin ErmenBack For Good (Take That)04:20

  • TAKE THAT & SINGING MELODY Back For Good(Reggaecide RMX)03:46

  • SAX 24.07.15 (Take That - Gary Barlow)Back For Good03:57

  • Robbie WilliamsBack For Good (Take That Cover-Live)03:47

  • THEODORETake That - Back For Good01:46

  • Take ThatBack For Good04:06

  • Take ThatBack For Good04:22

  • Vbots.ruWell, When You Go Don't Ever Think I'll Make You Try To Stay And Maybe When You Get Back I'll Be Off To Find Another Way And After All This Time That You Still Owe You're Still The Good-for-nothing I Don't Know So Take Your Gloves And Get Out Better Get Out While You Can00:15

  • Трио Максимум / Trio Maximum Back For Good (Take That Cover)03:54

  • ColdplayThe Scientist+Back For Good (Take That Cover) Live Piano Version04:42

  • Take ThatBack For Good (Live)06:11

  • Take ThatBack For Good (TT Live 2015)06:34

  • Take ThatBack For Good03:58

  • Back For GoodTake That (piano Cover) 04:01

  • Take That Back For Good (Instrumental)03:56

  • Трио Максимум / Trio Maximum Back For Good(Take That Live Cover)03:50

  • Take ThatBack For Good06:11

  • Take ThatBack For Good04:01

  • Take That Back For Good Theodore03:19

  • Take ThatBack For Good03:56

  • Take ThatBack For Good Preview01:29

  • Take ThatBack For Good (Live)07:02

  • НеизвестенTake That - Back For Good04:01

  • Take ThatBack For Good(-)04:00

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